Tips for Coping with Sundowning

Tips for Coping with Sundowning
Late afternoon and early evening can be difficult for some people
with Alzheimer’s disease. They may experience sundowning
agitation, irritability, or confusion that can b…
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For Alzheimer’s Sufferers, It’s the Thought that Counts

For Alzheimer's Sufferers, It's the Thought that Counts
People with Alzheimer’s disease lose short term memory and many
other abilities, but one thing they don’t lose is the emotions
associated with receiving a gift. We all dreamed about which
gifts we would receive for the holidays when we were children,
and waited with excitement for the day…
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Caregivers: Keep a Check on Your Stress Level

Caregivers: Keep a Check on Your Stress Level
Those taking care of Alzheimer’s patients often have high levels
of stress that can cause burnout, depression and illness. It’s
important to take care of yourself, keep a check on your stress
level, and seek help. Listed below are some of the symptoms of
high stress levels:

Denial abo…
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Everyone Can Save on Home Heating Costs

Everyone Can Save on Home Heating Costs
We’ve had a long season of mild temperatures, but now cold
weather is upon us and it’s time to turn up the heat. Heating
your home uses more energy and costs more money than any other
system in your home — typically making up about 42% of your
utility bill.

No matter what kind of hea…
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Don’t Overlook Possible Side Effects of Medications

Don't Overlook Possible Side Effects of Medications
Medications and combinations of medicines can have side effects
which are the unplanned symptoms or feelings a person has when
taking a drug. Many side effects are not serious and either go
away on their own or can be eas…
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You Have Options for Access to Your Home

You Have Options for Access to Your Home
If you require a wheelchair, building a wheelchair ramp is only
one option for gaining access to your home. Power Stair Lifts of
the Lehigh Valley (
offers ConvertaStep Power Ramps (ConvertaStep Power Ramps),
outdoor residential vertical lifts for porches…
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Black Friday Weekend Holiday Craft and Gift Show

Black Friday Weekend Holiday Craft and Gift Show
Come out for the “go-to” two-day holiday event in North East
Pennsylvania – the second annual craft and gift holiday shopping
event to be held Black Friday weekend – all under one roof!
There will be a great variety of locally handmade crafts from
very talented artists from across the a…
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