Free Outdoor Concerts in the Buxmont Area in August

Free Outdoor Concerts in the Buxmont Area in August
Do you like to be outside and listen to music? If so
you’ll love these concerts in August.

Falls Township Community Park
Phase 1 Pavilion, 9125 Mill Creek Rd, Levitown, PA 19055
Sunday nights from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

August 7 First Time Around Band
August 14 Denni…
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Explore Pinterest – Not Just a Photo Catalog

Explore Pinterest – Not Just a Photo Catalog
You may know Pinterest as a place for photos but it is much more.
Type in any of your interests into the search box and you will
get a wide variety of not just photos but information that
relates to your subject.

Try it, it costs nothing to join. Go to the site here.

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Chat Rooms on the Internet

Chat Rooms on the Internet
A chat room is a location on the Internet where various users can
chat informally with one another. No matter what your interests
or hobbies are, chances are that there’s a chat room designed
just for people who share your interests.
Learn more here.

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How to Choose a Password

How to Choose a Password
Two lifelong friends, Maude and Mildred, were enjoying a walk in
the park on a sunny spring day. They were discussing the joys and
frustrations of using the internet. Maude said, “My memory is
gone, Mildred, so I changed my password to ‘Incorrect.’ That way
when I log in with the wrong pa…
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