Senior Home Safety Assessment

Senior Home Safety Assessment
Are your aging parents living alone? Review this checklist to
make sure that their home environment is safe for them –

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Senior Dental Health – “senior health”

Senior Dental Health - “senior health”
There’s an old saying about the eyes being windows to the soul,
but the latest medical and dental research shows that the mouth
truly is a window into one’s overall health. Looking out for a
loved one’s health means not only keeping an eye on their
nutritional intake and physical capabili…
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How to Sleep Better as You Get Older

How to Sleep Better as You Get Older
As the number of candles on your birthday cake grows, you might
notice that you wake up earlier or throughout the night. You may
find that you get fewer hours of shut-eye, or you fall asleep
during the day. Rest assured, there are things you can do to get
the sleep you need.

Read enti…
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Preventing Fraud – “age in place”

Preventing Fraud - “age in place”
Seniors can make easy targets for fraud, whether it’s for
unbelievable investment returns or fraudulent sweepstakes prizes.
Fraud on seniors can happen by phone, mail, in person, or on the
Internet. Senior citizens are susceptible to fraudulent scams,
because believed to have money just s…
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Common Vision Issues For Senior Citizens

Common Vision Issues For Senior Citizens
It’s a fact of life that vision changes occur as you get older.
But these changes don’t have to compromise your lifestyle.
Knowing what to expect and when to seek professional care are
important steps to safeguarding your vision.

As you reach your 60s and beyond, you need to be at…
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Eight Smart Security Steps for Seniors

Eight Smart Security Steps for Seniors
From identity theft to home burglary, it’s an unfortunate fact
that senior citizens are often a target for criminals. By taking
simple security measures while at home and out traveling, you can
dramatically reduce the likelihood you or a loved one is

Always lock doors: Wh…
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Eating Well as You Age

Eating Well as You Age
For older adults, the benefits of adopting a healthy diet include
increased mental acuteness, resistance to illness and disease,
higher energy levels, faster recuperation times, and better
management of chronic health problems. As we age, eating well can
also be the key to a positive outl…
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